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Story About Us

Trees live extremely long lives, and if cared for properly they can outlive us by centuries. We care about our customers, and we’re happy provide the best services possible for making sure your trees leave a legacy lasting for generations to come. The health and wellbeing of your trees are our concerns as well. 

Trees vastly improve the quality of our lives, and to us it’s not just a part of our business, but also our passion and something we just enjoy doing.  We work through integrity and dedication, and this is visible through our personalized and hands on method of caring for your trees.

We’re proud to say that the commitment we have also applies to our loyal customers who we’ve developed lasting relationships with throughout the years. We realize that your trees are a part of your lives, businesses and families, and keeping you informed along the way is our job, as well as placing your needs as well as those of your trees first. We make it our mission to give the best care to your trees in a way that gives us pride to be in the community and industry. Perhaps our biggest accomplishment is staying true to that mission since 1994 and still going strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from removal, shouldn’t trees be able to maintain themselves?

Even though trees in forests and other natural habitats are able to maintain themselves on their own, trees in urban areas require maintenance to stay healthy. From a health standpoint a lot of factors such as the introduction of pollution, poor soils and road salt often contribute to poor overall environmental health and often lead to further issues for the tree. These trees in urban areas benefit greatly from irrigating, pruning, soil management and mulching to thrive.

But aside from that are further aspects to keep in mind, such as what damage the tree may cause to your property. A tree with a lot of dead wood can be quite hazardous, especially during storm season when all it can take it a strong wind and cause large limbs to break. If this is near your home, car, fence or any other structure it can cause quite a lot of damage.

Insect infestation is also a major concern, as it’s quite common for trees to become infested with ants, which can spread across your property. Tree health, location and appearance can also have a major impact on the lighting and look of your home, making it have a large impact on the value of your home or property. It’s important to keep your tree maintained and in good health to avoid larger and much more costly unforeseeable issues down the road, all it takes it one bad storm to come through and then it’s too late. In order for them to stay healthier, proper care is needed.

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Do you provide service for storm damage?

Yes, we do provide emergency service trees on your property that occurs from storm damage.

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How can our trees and landscape affect the value of our home?

According to a recent statistic, the first two minutes that a prospective home buyer sees the house will make the decision for them. Therefore, a good first impression is vital to this, adding almost 20% more to a house’s appeal value.

Our tree services can help you sell your home for the highest possible price and help you sell faster by making the landscape more attractive. You can make a big difference on your home’s appeal by making shaping and trimming tree on your property, even small changes to a landscape can really pay off.

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Why choose us?

Over the years we’ve developed lasting relationships in the Dayton area with those who we’re proud to call our customers. The loyalty of our customers is a testament to the quality, honesty and integrity we’ve put into our work since 1994. From checking on your trees once and a while, to offering sincerity without the sales pitch, we’ll go out of our way to perform carefully and mindfully until the job is done, and until you are completely satisfied with the quality of our work. Don’t just listen to us though, check out the reviews on our Google Places listing for yourself!

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