Dayton Stump Removal

Grinding and removal of stumps on your property. Plant a new tree or cover the area!

Stump Removal in Dayton, Ohio

When a tree is finally cut, the stump and roots that remain afterwards can be quite an eye sore. More importantly, it can also be quite hazardous and sometimes even a home to unwanted pests, including ants and termites. To avoid this there are two main options for stump removal: stump grinding or having the stump dug out with an electric excavator.

Most people tend to prefer the former option, on the basis that it often limits the amount of impact on the area. Stumps can be removed depending on their location, as we always try to avoid any invasive work around pipes, sprinklers, cables and other structures. Often stump removal can take as little as ten minutes to complete the job, but depending on the complexity of the situation and necessary clean up, it can at times even take up to two hours.

When there is new construction going on, it especially becomes vital to clear trees that might otherwise hinder construction. We can safely and effectively clear your lot of trees as well as the stumps that are left over, which will help not only make the space necessary for your construction needs, but also make sure that there is room for younger trees when the infrastructure is built. We’re proud to say that our years of experience, knowledge and equipment in the field enable us to offer the most cost effective Dayton stump removal services we can offer our loyal customers.

We have the equipment to take make sure that your project is completed properly and efficiently, even if that means you only have one stump to remove in a location in the middle of nowhere, or a field of stumps right next to our company, we’ll happily and proudly remove your unwanted stumps.

What’s the Process for Stump Removal?

For stump removal we use a machine called a stump grinder is used to slowly grind one to four inch thick pieces of the stump by grinding them into tiny shavings. This is done continuously to a vertical depth of roughly sixteen inches in order to fully take the stump out. On the average stump, we’ll grind about a quarter of the diameter extra around the stump to fully remove it and allow more space for future use, assuming there are none of the obstructions previously mentioned. If requested, we can grind it to a larger diameter as well.

After a bit of work on our part, the stump is finally removed and a pile of chips and mulch remains left, which we’ll use to pile up and fill the hole left by the stump. If requested, we can remove the shaving from the stump as well. The grinder may leave marks some marks in the surrounding area due to the large mass of the stump and grinding area, but we’ll always do our best to keep these as minimal as possible. When we’re all finished up you’ll be able to use the new space for whatever you wish, from filling it up and covering it with grass to planting a new young tree.

Whatever stump removal help you may need, we’re here to help, give us a call at (937) 684-6056 to get a free estimate today!